R&D CTTQ has established several R&D centers to develop innovative drugs, generics and biopharmaceuticals.

R&D Institute

CTTQ R & D Institute was founded in 1985 to develop innovative drugs, generics, and biopharmaceuticals. The annual R & D expenditure, which is 2.7 billion in 2021, is more than 12% of CTTQ's annual revenue. The institute ranks as one of the “Top 5 most innovative Pharmaceutical Enterprises in China”.


Therapeutic Areas (% of Total Projects)

  • 0 Oncology
  • 0 Hepatitis
  • 0 Antibiotics
  • 0 Respiratory
  • 0 Cardiovascular
  • 0 OTHER
  • R&D Team

    CTTQ R & D Institute has more than 1800 employees, specializing in chemistry, biology, pharmacology, analysis, and medical science, etc. Over 60% of them hold Master or Doctoral degrees.
  • Patents

    By the end of 2021, we have filed 2294 patents, including 2185 inventions. Among them, 792 patents have been granted, including 688 inventions.